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    Hello Everyone!

    Our site has finally been reworked and released. After a great amount of effort on our new web-server, the site has finally been finished. Take a look around and explore the newly revamped forums and site pages. Below we've categorized a generalized list of the new changes, please take a look and review them:

    ○ We've designed a new custom voting page which should display common rewards and our voting sites. View the voting page for more information.

    ○ A newly integrated punishments page will document bans, mutes, kicks, and warns. You'll be able to view any punishments that have been administered in case you require a reference in the future.

    ○ The shop has now been refaced. Several new ranks and items will be reworked until release, so please do not mind any changes to our line-up.

    ○ The change from Enjin has brought us to our own web-server. We are now capable of hosting more data and providing many more options to our players. With this change, we've introduced a new resources section were you'll be able to update texture packs or create guides for players. Expect more regarding our resources section in the future.

    ○ A larger expanse of forums have been opened up. Please check out the requisite rules for forum posting, before committing to a post.

    With this new site, bugs might be prone to show. If that happens, please report them directly to us via our Discord channel or designated forum.​

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