Hello Everyone!

I hope summer is still going great for everyone. We've been working on the server continuously in trying to refine and integrate new systems with our change over to Factions. While there will be several new features, some of them will relate to a new world generator and a semi-integrated world with quests. There will be small zones dedicated for missions and questing, which can grant you associated rewards. With that said, we are currently in an Alpha revision so many things will come and go.

Apart from the minor sneak peek, the main purpose of this article is to alert you of our new Minecraft Account Association system. This system can connect your MC accounts easily and may be accessed by hovering over your username at the user navigation bar.


There you will find a variety of options, one of which will be named "Minecraft Accounts," where you may begin the verification. You may have up to three minecraft characters connected to your ActualCraft account. These characters may also be listed under the profile box when you view a thread or on a profile page. If there is demand to increase the available number of accounts, we may proceed to do so.

Thank you for reading this quick notice! I also hope you continue to have a fantastic day.

Best Regards,
ActualCraft Team